Shaderlight for SketchUp As an interactive, photorealistic renderer for Google SketchUp, Shaderlight is the only rendering partner you need for SketchUp. Whether for work or fun, Shaderlight provides choice of rendering modes and intuitive tools to optimise your workflow.

– Choose between progressive rendering with auto-updates for interactive feedback then switch to single shot for production renders.
– Material editor applies most suitable Shaderlight parameters to SketchUp’s library materials which can then be fine tuned by adjusting the type, finish and bump map.
– Shaderlight uses physically based lighting features and advanced global illumination techniques to give your visualisation the edge.
– With preset and custom resolution settings and a simple quality slider you can achieve the quality you want in the time you have.
– Use zoom and pan to explore the detail of your image or capture your work in progress renders with the ‘snapshot’ feature.
– Get started for FREE at

Sample Model Renderings with Shaderlight

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