Sample Interior Conference Room

Samples from more SketchUp Renderers needed:

This model is stored on the 3D Warehouse at: Sample Interior Conference Room.

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It is OK to add materials, backgrounds, and other rendering settings – but do not add or change geometry – unless there is something stupid wrong with the original model.

Results from various rendering packages

Note: These are not supposed to all look the same – some may have different materials, different lighting, etc.

(Many of these images were first posted on the SketchUcation Thread)

For more information on the various SketchUp Rendeirng Plugins, see the Plugins Page.

Click on Image to view in higher resolution. Many of the qualities of the renderings are only visible at higher resolutions.


Attached is a render of the Conference Room rendered in Shaderlight 2.3.1 at 1920×1080, about 2.75 hoursto render at a quality of 8 , used Skylight Portals over the windows, area lights for the interior with
HDR for the lighting & background.
I did have to explode the model to remove parts of the model that wouldn’t be rendered, seal for light
& remove unwanted textures that where painted on the backside of faces.

Maxwell by jason_maranto

“I tried to make the least amount of changes possible, but I did opt to use a free sample HDR for the background from for a more subdued tone. I used the Maxwell “Simulens” effects at the end for a bit of bloom and whatnot.”

IRender nXt: by Elibjr

This was a 2 and a half hour render with 19 passes using the packet render in version 4 of IRender nXt. I used 4 lighting bounces 2 refraction and 2 reflective bounces.

I wanted to create a slightly smokey space so I used the tone editor to bring up the contrast and lower the brightness and Saturation. Then I used the Nxt-image editor to add sharpen, change the lighting channels to emphasize the artificial lights I added a small about of dark grey haze and blur to the opposite end of the room for effect. I then added a bump map to the wood. I changed the light fixtures to match the color scheme; and changed the material on the chairs to a ‘metal’ I also made the glass on the table a little more translucent and misty.


some of the materials are from the Maxwell material library.

Maxwell by Dimitris Sagonas

Made with maxwell render, render time 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Changed the materials and just playing with depth of field..
I used an hdri for the background! I used a frosted material for the glass-table, but it needed more time to get off the noise..


No extra modifications have been made & it was rendered using Shaderlight Cloud – time taken 2hours 42minutes and 30seconds.


I made a few fixes for the SKP file, again some faces where flipped the wrong way, is easy to check with the monochrome option in Sketchup. Unwrapping and baking took about an hour, images comes in one second after all the lightmaps and cameras are on place. To get mirror reflection on the table I needed to separate the upper face from the rest of the glass, that way the coplanar vertices works perfectly with the mirror option. Of course Virtual reality models don’t look as good as raytraced renderings, but I’m quite satisfied with the results.

SU Podium by Nat Ellis

I used the interior high preset and it took 3hrs and 45 minutes but this was a large image size of 6400×3030 I cropped it and down sized the image so I could attach it on the forum, it would have faster if rendered at a smaller size.

New textures have been added from the Podium Material Library/Browser. Levels have been adjusted in Photoshop.

Thea by Ollio81

 Twilight (and Photoshop) by JCA131

Vray by oranocali

“Render at noon, no background. vray + gimp(for contrast+brightness adjustment). I only added a few reflective layers and studio lights.”

Vray by teknikarsitek

Renditioner – by micione

Changed materials, reflections, bump. Rendering time: 5 minutes.

LightUp by kaas

I added some IES lights and some light emitters in front of the windows. Calculation time was just about 9 minutes.


Sunlight with HDR as a background (252 seconds)