Sample Water Scene


Sample Water Scene

Samples from more SketchUp Renderers needed:

This model is stored on the 3D Warehouse at: Water Effects Sample

If you would like us to include a rendering with a SketchUp Rendering Package, add some rendering parameters, render it with your favorite renderer and send the results to us.

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It is OK to change materials, backgrounds, and other rendering settings – but do not add or change geometry – unless there is something wrong with the original model.

Results from various rendering packages

Note: These are not supposed to all look the same – some may have different materials, different lighting, etc.

(Many of these images were first posted on the SketchUcation Thread)

For more information on the various SketchUp Rendering Plugins, see the Plugins Page.

Click on Image to view in higher resolution. Many of the qualities of the renderings are only visible at higher resolutions.

IRender nXt by Mesh3D

I didn’t touch any of the geometry or any of the settings for materials.
Added underwater lights (spotlights) with bulb invisible. (6 down each side of the pool just below the water surface)
Deleted the ceiling spotlights from the origial model and added some of my own , again with the light source not rendered.
Deleted the big slab from over the top of the model and used the background wizard to add a sky
I didn’t mess with the water – thought it looked good with the settings that came in with the model.
Only rendered 50 passes which took about an hour,
adjusted the lighting post render with lighting channels to get the effect I wanted.

RenderLights by Douglas Triana

Here is my grain of sand for this scene, is rendered with our own engine called RENDERLights, it took me maybe 30 minutes to setup the scene and pick the materials I want it, and then rendering time is basic for HD resolution 1 second.

RENDERLights is a real time radiosity engine therefore images can be done rather fast.

Lumion by Carloh


No extra modifications have been made & it was rendered using Shaderlight Cloud – time taken 2hours 26minutes and 15seconds.


V-Ray by oganocali

I essentially kept the original materials, just added reflective layers and bump maps. The fake caustics on the shark are added to the shark skin texture before the render using gimp.

Twilight by Jo-ke

eft all materials, changed only settings and bumps,
placed lights, placed a background sphere
removed backsides,
took a rough water procedural (by madjid)
used twilight render Preset low
no postpro

Lumion by sketchgeek

Left all the original materials – scene setup time approx 30-40mins. render time approx 7 secs. No post work

IRender nXt:

This was rendered with “Engine 4” one o the alternate rendering engine choices in IRender nXt. Engine 4 is especially good at caustic effects – such as lights and water. This image was allowed to cook overnight for 625 passes.


Thea by olio81

This was a 3 and a half hour render with 70 passes using Thea with TR1. I kept the original materials and only added custom bump and reflection maps. I also did some post processing work with Gimp and DenoiseMyImage_Free. The HDR image that I used is form

Renditioner by micione