Advantages of Rendering

Competitive Advantage for Bids
A Photorealistic Rendering will make your firm and you bid seem more professional.
Design Visualization
Use a visual model for market testing or in-house research-and-development. This applies to things as small as food packaging to cars, or as large as popular theme parks and their rides.
Marketing and Documentation
A 3D Model,used with views and renderings, can be used directly in marketing materials and documentation. This saves time and money by not having to arrange photo shoots for desired placements and views.
Real Estate Leasing Proposals
I do work for a commercial real estate company who specialise in Office Lettings.
They often have to market an ‘open plan’ office, usually a potential tenant has specific requirements regarding private offices, reception areas, staff accommodation – that sort of thing.
I take the clients brief, design a layout and then construct a sketchup model and create a PhotoRealistic Rendering
I put it together as a PDF for submission to the potential tenant. This really helps my client ‘sell the scheme’

Enhanced Tender Information
When bidding for a job, a photorealistic render of the product being offered – set in context, is a great asset to the tenderer as it shows the client exactly what they are getting for their money. And gives them the confidence to place the order.
I work for a gate manufacturer / supplier.
When he is tendering for a job I put together a PDF to be submitted with his tender. My client is often in competition with other companies.
He has closed some deals, not because he is the cheapest but because his client fully understands what is on offer because of the 3D graphics.
I have attached an example. Not the most complex 3D geometry but it does the job !
(The background wizard is a great help for doing these ‘in context’ views)
Proposals for Planning Authorities

We have a Planning process in the UK for new developments.
3D visuals are often a great help in explaining to the Planning Authorities what the scheme is all about.
Not just for big ‘high profile’ developments, even small domestic proposals like the attached.
(Again the background wizard was used to set up the ‘in context’ view.)

Material and Color previews for Interior Design
Preview the colors of the interior designers materials before the purchase them.

Preview Counter and surface choices

With the advent of a good rendering package, you call show the difference between a rough or polished stone counters and other surfaces.

Show Mirror or Polished Surface Effects

The effects a mirror or large polished surface can have on a room. This is something you cannot do with just a drawing or straight SketchUp.

Preview Lighting Possibilities

With a rendering you can see the real effects lighting (whether direct or indirect) and shadows have on the space.

Show Options for Space Layout

It gives them the options to have versions of one space, either with color and materials as well as furniture.

Preview Space Proportions

Doing a virtual room allows the client have the ability to evaluate various views in scale before they choose to materialize the space.

Preview items before purchase

Because the models are based on the drawing, the client can see if something will look the way they intended to… long before purchasing anything.

Use images for Fundraising

The rendering can be used for fundraising. (This happened to me with an image for Miamonides Hospital Group in NY.)

Preview Materials

It can be used for the contractor to see how close his materials are to the designer’s concept.

Preview Line-of-Sight Views

If you use real camera angles, and lens cones you can match the real images with the rendering so the client can use the rendering for future work. (Lobby displays, conference room displays, etc.) without the need for an expensive photographer.

Save Money by Previewing Items before Purchase

The rendering can be savings investment. This would be less costly than paying for the wrong materials or furniture or even colors later.

Make Proposals more understandable for clients

This also allows the client to take abstract plans and elevations to a level that they and the users can understand.

Preview Models to check for Errors

It has allowed me to fix errors that only you can see though 3d modeling.

Check Sight Lines

A client who get bent out of shape about sight lines in toilet rooms, this is the perfect place to prove or disprove that a plan had good sight lines. If the mirrors render properly so the images are accurate they can be used as a case study.

Light Studies

You can do light studies with the renders (artificial lighting as well as daylight).

Preview smoke, fog, rain or snow

With a good rendering package you can set he affects that smoke, fog and dust has on the environment… or rain and snow.

Preview Wet Floor effects

or what a space looks like with a wet or dry floor.

Preview Lighting Fixtures

If you model is detailed enough and you accurately depict a fixture, you can change fixture, bulb and lens color and see the subtle differences in all of the above… which could make or break a fixture budget.

Show space as an observer would see it

With a field of view close to a standard camera you can get an idea of what you will see when you enter the space.