SketchUp Rendering

Render PhotoRealistic Renderings from SketchUp Models. is devoted to helping you make better renderings with SketchUp.

We want to teach you how to render photo-realistic images to market your products, enhance your services and improve your business. See the Rendering Samples, and theRendering  Plugins available for us with SketchUp.

Sample SketchUp Rendering

SketchUp Model rendered with an add-on rendering package, IRender nXt.
See: Exterior Night Scene Samples

Rendering Plugins

This site will help you evaluate many of the Rendering Add-ons available for SketchUp.

Are you looking for a Rendering Add-on for SketchUp. If so, check out our list of Rendering Plugins for SketchUp.

PhotoRealistic Renderings
Photorealistic Renderings will make your SketchUp Models look better and make a big impact when presenting your designs.You can create much more effective presentations by adding using PhotoRealistic renderings.

SketchUp rendering for:

  • Architecture and landscape design
  • Product development
  • Client presentations
  • Marketing & product images


Rendering Samples

Our unique Rendering Samples page lets you see renderings of the same mode created by users of the various rendering add-on for SketchUp. See: Rendering Samples

SketchUp Rendering Overview

This SketchUp Rendering Overview will help you learn more about Sketch Rendering – what you can expect, what you can change in your SketchUp model and how to get good SketchUp Renderings

What’s new in SketchUp 2015

64 bit support for 64 bit Windows and more…

See:  SketchUp 2015


Who uses SketchUp

Although many SketchUp users use it as their only 3D modelling and Construction Drawing package, there are a significant number of users who user another CAD package – such as AutoCAD or Revit – for construction documents, but have discovered that SketchUp is much easier and much faster for creating 3D prototypes of designs.

Our studies have shown that more than 50% of the professional firms who use a traditional CAD system also use SketchUp for creation of 3D visualizations and prototypes.

SketchUp Rendering

SketchUp includes good, basic renderings of your models and lets you visualize them as you create them in full 3D.

PhotoRealistic Rendering

You can create much more effective presentations by adding a PhotoRealistic rendering Add-on or Plugin to SketchUp and using it to render much better images.

These add-ons  many of which are referenced on this site -  can produce very, very good renderings. But more importantly, many of them can produce very good renderings with a minimum of setup time. Even if you aren’t a rendering expert you can product good renderings out of the box – and them improve them as you take advantage of additional features and settings.

How to use Renderings to improve your sales and profits

This site will give you some good examples of what can be done, and some ideas about how to get started.

First take a look at some of the Examples and Case Studies.

Image courtesy Feeney Wireless

Then select a renderer from the Plugins page and take advantage of the 30 day free trial.

This site is still under development. Stop back from time to time to see how it progresses.