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SU Podium is a high quality, photo-realistic, rendering plug-in for SketchUp. Turn your 3D models into photo-realistic images.

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Reviews from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse:

Oliver R

I think this is the best method of rendering on sketchup as its easy to use.

David B

I have been using this product since Version 1 and have now made the move to V2 Plus and transferred from PC to a Mac – all of which worked really well with great help from the developers. The results are really good if you take the time to understand the process and variables and I have produced some really stunning results. Lots of video plus written help and instruction available. Despite wails of protest concerning the cost of such add-ons I think this one is well worth the money considering the expense of creating a piece of software like this. Thank you Cadalog.

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