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Maxwell for SketchUp is a plugin which has been expressly designed for rendering in SketchUp. It brings you advanced, Maxwell Render technology in a simple, self-contained package.

Maxwell for SketchUp has the render engine built-in, so no other applications or programs are needed. And you don’t need to export your scenes anywhere, it all happens from the comfort of your SketchUp interface!


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Anne-sophie H

BTW Maxwell is the best render around for the price.

James B
If you are using the Maxwell Sketchup plugin make sure you update to the latest version 3.0.1-rs which was released on Feb 18th. It appears to have fixed the stability issues I was having with v3.0.0 on the Mac and OS Mavericks 🙂

Thanks Next Limit!

Kyheem F

This is my 18th render program which is far better than the 17 other rendering programs that i have used, with Maxwell it has the simplist rendering menu, no complexities whatsoever; i was working on a live scale 100% detailed model of the world traide center complext, with live textures, live detailed city background, live evening sky and building lighting, 14 of my other most expensive rendering programs had too many limit with errors for this kind of scale and details, plus the rendering time took between 17 and 19hr Maxwell only took 9hrs.

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