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Render nXt is the only SketchUp renderer you’ll ever need. Our powerful plugin creates photorealistic still images, panoramas, and animations from right inside SketchUp. If you can draw it in SketchUp, you can render it with IRender nXt.

With IRender nXt, generate superior images from your SketchUp models. IRender nXt is the perfect tool for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, set designers, or anyone who needs presentation quality images to present their designs. IRender nXt optimizes your workflow by saving your rendering preferences inside the SketchUp model and also allows post-render updates (with our post-rendering processor) without starting over.ill do for your next proposal!


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Mike H:

I started my company Mesh-3D 3 years ago to provide affordable 3D visualisations for Architects and allied professions. I have used Sketchup since it first came out but the renders from the built in render engine always disappointed me.

When I set up I researched all the available render engines available for use with Sketchup.

After extensive trials I settled on IrenderNXT and bought the software. This has proved to be one of the best buys I have ever made. My company has flourished, due in no small part to the superb quality of the renders I can produce using IrenderNXT. I constantly get complimentary comments from clients regarding the quality of the output from NXT.

In addition to the great software, the help desk at Irender NXT is the best I have ever come across, in any aspect of computing. Rich and Al Hart are the most responsive and helpful people you could wish for. As an example I asked if it was possible to do a certain thing I needed to do using the software, it wasn’t possible, I was astounded when 24 hours later an update of the software was posted with the function I needed included !!

I would recommend IrenderNXT, without reservation. It’s affordable, a joy to use and produces stunning renders with not too steep a learning curve.


IRender nxt is an excellent plug-in and has come in very handy when trying to get a good visualization of new concepts being considered. While there is a slight learning curve, its reasonable and well worth to effort.

My only concern is that I have tried to write to Al, Sales and even info and all my email keep bouncing back. Wished I had a good email address for Al.

Keep up the good work guys. Great application.


An Excellent plug-in. Very easy to learn and use. It took me a day to know all there was, to fine tune everything. Love the user interface and how intuitive it is. Very powerful and fast as long as you don’t surpass Sketchup limitations.

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