Sample Exterior Night Scene

Samples from more SketchUp Renderers needed:

This model is stored on the 3D Warehouse at: Sample Exterior Retail Scene.

If you would like us to include a rendering with a SketchUp Rendering Package, add some rendering parameters, render it with your favorite renderer and send the results to us.

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It is OK to add materials, backgrounds, and other rendering settings – but do not add or change geometry – unless there is something stupid wrong with the original model.

Results from various rendering packages

Note: These are not supposed to all look the same – some may have different materials, different lighting, etc.

(Many of these images were first posted on the SketchUcation Thread)

For more information on the various SketchUp Rendeirng Plugins, see the Plugins Page.

Click on Image to view in higher resolution. Many of the qualities of the renderings are only visible at higher resolutions.

RENDERLights by Douglas Triana

I changed the stone work material and I positioned the cash dispensers from the shop to the floor because theywere flying, In sketchup you can see flipped faces on the special mode,so I fixed it, apart from that I didn’t not modify any geometry.

The work has unwrapped geopmetry as 2048X2048 and with our internal
baking feature I crated ambient maps to generate a low level radiosity,
lights are all working as direct, with real time shadows, there are about
25 light sources between spot lights in the interior to omni lights on
the exterior.
A few texture have displacement maps and bump textures to make them look
a bit nicer. The scene is quite simple so is a challenge to make it look
better even for Raytraced rendering platform but is not bad for
RENDERLights virtual reality.


IRender nXt:

We used Lighting Channels to adjust the intensity of the lights in real time, after the rendering was completed. This is great for balancing lights for a nighttime scene.

The sharpness was turned down for the reflections on the tiles in the foreground to make them more realistic.

An HDRi sky was used for background and illumination from the sky. Again, Lighting Channels was used to adjust the intensity of the sky quickly, after the rendering was complete.

Vray by organcali

vray + gimp. Almost original materials except for small adjustments. The model could use some stuff on the shelves in my opinion.

Twilight by alvis


Thea by olio81

Thea (TR2) + Gimp

Renderin by Vidy

Done in Renderin + PS for Color Tone