Loft with Telescope

Samples from more SketchUp Renderers needed:

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If you would like us to include a rendering with a SketchUp Rendering Package, add some rendering parameters, render it with your favorite renderer and send the results to us.

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It is OK to add materials, backgrounds, and other rendering settings – but do not add or change geometry .

Results from various rendering packages

Note: These are not supposed to all look the same – some may have different materials, different lighting, etc.

(Many of these images were first posted on the SketchUcation Thread)

For more information on the various SketchUp Rendeirng Plugins, see the Plugins Page.

Click on Image to view in higher resolution. Many of the qualities of the renderings are only visible at higher resolutions.

Kerkythea – by Brian K.

Iit rendered in mere minutes with Kerkythea.

You really need to view it on a dark/black screen/border background for the full effect.

As usual, click on each image for the bigger stand alone picture.

IRender nXt – by Al Hart

Placed a background image outside the window, made the telescope body, floor, and window siding reflective.

Some light is coming from the ceiling, and some light from those bright stars.

Yulio – by Yishi

We’ve rendered the Loft with Telescope 3D model using the Yulio plugin for VR and pushed it to VR

The fixed point rendering (FPR) is a stereoscopic cube map.




Click Here to see this rendering in Virtual Reality


Shaderlight – by Martin-Art

This is the model rendered at day and night in Shaderlight, although I am thinking now of green lights and UFO’s so watch this space.

Thea – by the.pjt

this is my try
rendered with TheaRender … with Unbisided Algorithm ..
and some Post processing in Photoshop … include adding ray of light

RenderLights by Douglas Triana

This is the scene about the Loft with the Telescope, the process was simple, first I double check that SKP file had the rfaces looking in the correct direction, very important for RENDERLights otherwise they either look black or they are invisible. After that I have unwrap the model parts to texture size of 2048X2048, that way the lightmapping will look quite good.


Next step is to place the Sun and lights to the desired location, added some bump to the carpet, but is so small that is hard to see. And last but not least, bake the scene using RENDERLights build in system, this operation requires about 30 seconds per object, a bit more if the object is complex, wait about 10 minutes and the light solution is ready, you can make it faster if you use smaller lightmap.


Final step is to place camera positions, control the DOF values and save the images, that is the easy bit, just activate logo and images are ready, assuming that model is ready and prepared the process to get this images shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, including the bake of lightmaps to the model. This of course is not needed, you can get good results in faster time, but is good to speed  up the virtual walktrough.

Twilight by r4zorx

I’m rather new to Sketch-up and VERY new to rendering. I use the demo version of Twilight. I don’t do any professional stuff, so it does what I need.