Panoramic Renderings and Virtual Reality

Panoramic Renderings refers to a full 360 x 360 degree image containing everything which can be viewed by a single camera position.Once created a Panorama image can be converted to a format for easy viewing – using the mouse to pan, look up and look down, and the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.


360° Panoramic image created from a model supplied by “Boothy”.

(Image created with IRender nXt)To view a 3D panorama of this image see: Panorama Sample

your_vision_goggles-b67555918d8a1Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a process which takes Panoramic Images, and lets you view them with Virtual Reality viewers.






yulio-vrThis is the Loft with Telescope 3D model rendered using the Yulio plugin for VR and pushed it to VR

The fixed point rendering (FPR) is a stereoscopic cube map.



You can view this image here: VR Viewer

Creating Images

There is a ruby script (cubicpanout.rb) to create panorama directly from SketchUp models.

Some rendering engines, can render a model, with lights and reflections directly to a panorama image.

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