Maxwell for Google SketchUp

Maxwell for Google SketchUp is a dedicated render plugin that operates entirely within SketchUp- bringing high quality “real time” rendering to SketchUp users for free, or with a licensed version for only $95 (75€). The key benefits are:

  • Easy set up – just install the Maxwell for Google SketchUp standalone plugin
  • Available on both Windows and OSX
  • High quality “real-time” rendering (immediate feedback in the renderer for scene changes)
  • It works on both SketchUp and SketchUp Pro.
  • Free and licensed version available.
  • High Definition resolution (for the licensed version)
  • Free materials: Access to use thousands of free Maxwell materials (MXM files)

Next Limit’s original Maxwell Render Suite continues to support SketchUp via the Maxwell for Google SketchUp (Suite) plugin, which forms part of the range of free plugins available with this package. Visit Maxwell Render to learn more and get the plugins. Created by Next Limit Technologies.

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