LightUp for SketchUp

LightUp gives the ability to do realtime walkthrough of you model with lighting, all inside the Sketchup Window.

– Soft shadows
– Area lights
– Point lights (including IES)
– HDR image-based lighting
– Skybox backdrops
– Ambient Occlusion

Analysis modes with realtime light-meter for spot reading such as:

– Insolation in kW per meter per day based on geo-location information
– Lux contours
– Daylight

Realtime editing material properties:

– Color
– Bump
– Specular
– Index of Reflection (IOR)


– Instant Still anti-aliased images at unlimited resolution
– Instant movies as AVI files
– Export lit model as Autodesk FBX for instant import into authoring applications such as Unity
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