Available in two versions: Render and Studio for both Windows and OS X, Caravaggio™adopts one o the most advanced unbiased physically correct rendering methods based on Heuristic Bidirectional Path Tracing engine. Simulates the physics of light and achieves photo-realistic quality of renderings reducing time through bouncing errors collection. Developed to be fully-integrated into SketchUp Free and Pro, Caravaggio is fast and keeps all SketchUp settings, like geometry, camera, sun, colors, textures, etc. Each version of Caravaggio can render even previews at any resolution or quality, thanks to the progressive rendering on demand, avoiding locks of complex scenes. The proxy objects technology boosts further the rendering process.

Caravaggio Render version is the easiest tool for rendering your scene: just render the project without changing anything in SketchUp! Then, if you need, you can use:

  • Material editor: allows to add your own specific settina+hrefgs like specular reflection, transparency with IOR, Bump, etc.
  • Light editor: you can add different type of lights with soft shadows (area lights, point light, HDR image-based light, etc.).

Caravaggio Studio projects the user beyond the Render version, adding more control to rendering power thanks to the several detailed settings of its 7 cores engine system.

Visit the website,, to download a fully-functional free DEMO version without limitation of time (200 Renderings) and try to produce the highest levels of realism for your architectural and product visualization purposes.

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