IES Lighting Patterns

IES Lighting Patterns

Lighting manufacturers provide auxilarry files for their light which represent the actual measured light from lights and light fixtures.

Some SketchUp rendering packages let you use these file to create realistic lighting in your renderings. Most of these rendering packages offer you a set o 30 IES patterns which you can select from the image below.



This chart, which is used by almost every rendering package, is not really very useful because it does not show what these patterns look lie in real renderings – especially with reflected lighting, shadows, etc.

The two images below show how pattern 19 above works in an actual rendering – both as a download on a wall, and as a spotlight shining into the corner.

If you would like to see similar renderings of ann these, visit: High Resolution IES Images

Using these patterns, and selecting a pattern which give the appearance you like can really improve your renderings.




Here are links to the IES Lighting Documentation for several SketchUp Rendering pages:

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