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This is a Case Study of using SketchUp and PhotoRealistic Renderings to create images for use in Marketing and Documentation of products.

Each Case Study will include comments and quotes from the user…

“We don’t design anything using SketchUp. The engineering department uses SolidWorks and I recreate the models from scratch in SketchUp so I can use them in 3D diagrams of vehicles or hypothetical installations that we can use for marketing.

Occasionally we use SketchUp and PhotoRealistic Rendering to decide on simple product designs like metal brackets, but the engineers still create the models in Solidworks. We use SketchUp and PhotoRealistic Rendering mostly for conceptualizing or marketing of products.”

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Each Case Study will have a short embedded YouTube video including some of the images and comments.

Watch the Video:

Each Case Study will have additional images of the process.

SketchUp model as viewed in SketchUp

Photorealistic Rendering from SketchUp  model

Photo of actual product


(Feeney Wireless use SketchUp and IRender nXt to create its PhotoRealistic Renderings)

Case Studies

These case studies are from people using SketchUp and Renderings.

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