Commercial Office Space – Mesh 3D

PhotoRealistic Renderings for Commercial Office Space

Improve Presentations to potential clients


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Feedback is that potential tenants really like the visuals I produce as they can see what their office could look like.

Many people have difficulty understanding 2D drawn information but a photo real visualisation is instantly understandable.

My client feels they have a real edge over their rivals as a result of the added value good presentation gives them.

 Case Study Video

This a sample video showing some fade and zoom effects. We have not added sub-titles and voice over yet.

This video shows the work flow image, then zooms in on the image from the window, then transitions ot the final image and zooms in a bit with a Ken Burns Effect.

Typical Work Flow

  • Import the AutoCad drawing if available, directly into SketchUp Pro 8, lock it on a layer, rescale and then work over the top to produce my floor plan.
  • Push and pull the walls up to the correct level and then add door and window details.
  • For ‘standard’ office furniture I go to 3D warehouse. For ‘one-offs’ like reception counters I model them.
  • Add textures to the all the surfaces and ‘tweak’ them in the renderer for gloss , tranparancy etc.
  • Finally, add my lighting scheme using Lighting Channels to give me control over the final renders.

 Additional Tips

Never show a client a 3D visualization of a project, for the first time, after you have passed the point where you can make changes to the scheme , as it is only after seeing the visual that a client will fully understand what he is getting and start having an input  !


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Models created in Google SketchUp and rendered with IRender nXt


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