Rendering in SketchUp by Daniel Tal

Rendering In SketchUp provides instructions for creating 3D photoreal graphics for SketchUp models using integrated rendering programs. The book serves as a beginner rendering manual and reference guide to further develop rendering skills. With an emphasis on step-by-step process, SketchUp users learn a universal approach to rendering varied SketchUp projects, including architecture, interiors and site design models.

The book focuses on tasks and principles at the core of photorealistic rendering, including:

  • Rendering process:  Learn a  step-by-step process focused on workflow within SketchUp’s familiar workspace.
  • Universal  method: Understand how the process can be used to work with a variety of different integrated rendering programs, including Shaderlight, SU Podium and Twilight Render**. These programs are easy to learn and function in SketchUp.
  • Textures and materials: Discover how to obtain, apply and edit texture images representing surfaces.
  • Component details: Learn how to acquire and organize model details to allow for rich, expressive settings while maintaining computer and SketchUp performance.
  • Exterior and simulated lighting: Learn to set exterior lighting with the SketchUp’s Shadow menu or illuminate a scene with simulated lights, lamps and bulbs.
  • Render Settings: Use  specific settings for various  rendering programs to quickly set texture character, image quality and graphic output.
  • Computer Specifications: Find out how computers produce renders and the type of computer hardware required to streamline the process

Photoshop Post-Processing: Learn how to further refine rendered images in Photoshop

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