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SketchUpRendering.com is devoted to helping you make better renderings with Google SketchUp. Quality renderings make a big impact when presenting your designs. We want to teach you how to use photo-realistic rendering to market your products, enhance your services and improve your business.

SketchUpSketchUp rendering for:

  • Architecture and landscape design
  • Product development
  • Client presentations
  • Marketing & product images

SketchUpRendering.com was created by Render Plus to share their 30+ years of 3D CAD and photo-realistic rendering experience with ever-growing community of SketchUp users.

A Brief History of CAD and 3D Modeling, Rendering, and SketchUp:

Render Plus Software is one of the pioneers in 3D CAD and rendering applications. In 1979, Render Plus developed Sigma Graphics, the first microprocessor based CAD System. From there, they expanded into the development of other 3D CAD systems and applications, including:Planixs Exterior Designer by Render Plus

  • GIza Furniture Layout
  • Landcadd Visualizer
  • Softdesk Pro Builder
  • Planix 3D Exterior Designer
  • Planix Deck

Pixar Renderman Walking TeapotIn 1989, they wrote their first rendering package, which was the original “Render Plus” application. From there, Render Plus went on to develop interfaces between their CAD packages and other rendering packages such as Renderman, Lightscape and Lightworks.

After discovering SketchUp in 2004 and writing applications for it, Render Plus interfaced AccuRender 4 to SketchUp in 2006 and later the nXt Rendering Engine. Render Plus is constantly working to update and improve SketchUp as we continue to grow our rendering community worldwide.

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